Hainan Expats Share Their Wishes for 2022

By Vanessa Jencks, December 31, 2021

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Happy New Year's Eve from That's Sanya and the many expats in Hainan.

"Moving to Sanya in 2021 was a game changer for us. A beautiful place with amazing people who all share a joy for life. My wish for 2022 is that we all always find a reason to laugh."
- Corrie Robb, Teacher, Sanya

"'Life is always full of disappointments…' 'Make room in your heart for those disappointments…' - Joan Du Preez. Wishing all the people of Hainan, both local and foreign, a happy and prosperous 2022."
- Brad Du Preez, Teacher, Sanya

"All I want for New Year's is for my winter holiday to come sooner. From one exhausted teacher to all other exhausted teachers. Hang in there!"
- David Janke, Teacher, Qionghai

"My wish for the coming year is that international travel in and out of China will resume, that our friends who haven't been able to return to China will all be able to come back, that the virus will mutate into a harmless variant and life will return to normal."
- April Back, Haikou

"I hope and pray that all people in Hainan will recover from the darkness that covid-19 brought and move onwards and upwards in the New Year."
- Jake Sanders, CEO of Hainan Southern Star Creative Consultants LTD, Haikou


“The year 2021, as it’s predecessor 2020, has been a hard year because of covid-19 all around the world. I wish for 2022 that this nightmare stops, so people can go back to their lives, others save their business and of course I wish that all families would be reunited, knowing that I did not see my family for over 2 years. I wish all humans a year of solidarity, health and happiness”
- Fathi Anouar Ghammam, Actor, Sanya

"I've lived in Europe and South America before coming to China. I've visited places in Africa and other parts of Asia. I searched all of my twenties to find the perfect place and I finally found Hainan. I love the local people and their own dialects and cultures. I hope you are all proud to call yourselves 海南人 in 2022."
- Danielle Zhu, Sanya

"Oh man I haven't really planned for next year yet.... I still have roughly 9 hours right?"
- David the Goat, English Teaching Extroardinare, Sanya

"Next year I plan to change my hair more often, study harder, and have more sex."
- Anonymous, Teacher, Haikou

"We are very privileged and lucky to be here on the tropical Island of Hainan. I look forward to more beautiful days, amazing waves and happy beach life in 2022!"
- Alan Mahony, VP Marine and Waterpark Atlantis Resort, Haitang Bay

"Wish you guys all the best for what a tropical life can offer in 2022!"
- K. G, Founder, Solciety, Sanya


"Since I have already made my New Year’s Resolutions, I can say I am ready for 2022. Hopefully we will be able to travel more this year without worrying about quarantine. Myself, I really miss India. If that’s too much to ask, just don’t close Xiaodonghai for reconstruction just yet."
- Xiaolin Michelle Song, IELTS Teacher, Sanya

"I hope that all the people of Hainan would find 2022 with more happiness, less drama, more true friendships and greater satisfaction in this beautiful life."
- Vanessa Jencks, Editor, Sanya

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