Updated! 27 Amazing Art Shows This May in Guangzhou

By That's Guangzhou, May 10, 2024

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Creating and Interacting with Innocence: 

Artists and Children in Harmony


The 42 pieces of participatory children's art presented here aim to recreate the journey of mutual exploration between artists and children, showcasing the mutually reinforcing results of artistic creation and art education practice. 

Until May 5, 2024

University City Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, No.168 Waihuan West Road, Higher Education Mega Center (University City)

Changes Beyond Recognition


Over a century ago, Guangzhou opened the gates to modern progress in China, marking a shining era in the city's development history! How did the seeds of women's pursuit of intellectual and physical liberation take root and sprout in Guangzhou over a century ago? How did the earliest group of professional women in China realize their life ideals in Guangzhou? All the answers will be unveiled in the exhibition!

Until May 5, 2024

Guangzhou Maritime Museum, No.22 Xuri Street, Miaotou, Huangpu

I'm Trying to Paint Myself


Duan Zhengqu, an artist whose career spans nearly five decades, has established a distinctive presence in the art world with his robust and unpretentious style, rich in visual tension reminiscent of his northern roots.

Until May 5, 2024

University City Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, No.168 Waihuan West Road, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Panyu

Guangzhou Design Triennial 2024


Guangzhou Design Triennial 2024 will open to the public in January 2024! The Triennial has gained wide attention from the academic community since its preparation. Guangdong Museum of Art is honored to invite 18 scholars, who have long been deeply engaged in art theory research and have a high degree of concern, sensitivity and observation in Chinese contemporary art, art design and other fields, to participate in the Academic Committee of the Guangzhou Design Triennial. 

Until May 12, 2024

Guangdong Museum of Art, No.38 Yanyu Road, Ersha Island, Yuexiu

Exhibition of Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance & The Charm of Qi Baishi


The exhibition innovatively combines the artistic style of Qi Baishi with intangible cultural heritage creations, showcasing over 90 carefully crafted works by more than 50 intangible cultural heritage creators. These exhibits encompass 26 intangible cultural heritage projects, highlighting the rich cultural legacy and artistic essence passed down through generations.

Until May 19, 2024

R Art Spce, 7/F Bld.5, Parc Pearl River, No.8 Yuwei West Road, Liwan

Another Art Museum Carnival


Experience the fusion of art and entertainment here! Immerse yourself in the essence of Cantonese culture while enjoying the entertainment. Become a master of traditional craftsmanship and join us now!

Until May 19, 2024

For Details: +86-17502003969

Another Art Museum, No.11 Gantang Avenue, Panyu

The Art of Digital Media


The concept behind the artwork "The Art of Digital Media" is rooted in the philosophical contemplation of life's simplicity and complexity. The design theme follows the artistic language of traditional Chinese ink landscape painting, symbolizing the transition from nothingness to existence, echoing the interpretation of yin and yang in the Dao De Jing as "mutual generation and support." Despite the contrasting colors, it is through contrast that the fundamental elements of the world are constructed.

Until May 19, 2024

Another Art Museum, No.11 Gantang Avenue, Panyu



This exhibition draws inspiration from the concept of "traveling and resting." Liu Pudan, the protagonist, finds solace in driving long distances, often for over ten hours without pause. "Rest" signifies his passion for photography, as he captures ordinary yet extraordinary moments during his journeys.

Until May 19, 2024

Another Art Museum, No.11 Gantang Avenue, Panyu

Action in Space and Time


With over 60 participating artists, 50 artworks, and 5 projects, the exhibition traces the development of Chinese (including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and mainland) performance art over 53 years (1970-2023). Focusing on artworks and projects created and implemented in public spaces, the exhibition highlights how artists use art as a method for reflection and intervention in reality, using action to explore the possibilities of the imaginative world.

Until May 19, 2024

Another Art Museum, No.11 Gantang Avenue, Panyu

Our Magnificent Homeland


Experience the extraordinary talent of Ren Zhenhan at his personal exhibition. Despite facing deafness in his youth, Ren Zhenhan's remarkable perseverance has led him to excel in various fields including painting, art criticism, and historical fiction. Revered by his peers as the "Superhuman Deaf Artist," this exhibition showcases Ren Zhenhan's paintings from the 1960s to the 1980s, depicting the breathtaking landscapes of our beloved homeland.

Until May 19, 2024

Guangdong Museum, No.2 Zhujiang East Road, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe

Daniel Arsham x Pokémon


Experience the first-ever collaborative art project between Pokémon and Daniel Arsham in the southern region of China. The exhibition, held at K11 in Guangzhou, showcases over 50 works, including animations, paintings, sculptures, and installations. Drawing inspiration from Arsham's signature crystallized caves, the artworks create a captivating dialogue that transcends time and space.

Price: RMB100/person, RMB168/Couple

Until May 20, 2024

chi K11, L4/L3 K11, No.6 Zhujiang East Road, Tianhe

Masterpieces of Illustration


This exhibition brings together works from major art movements such as Post-Impressionism, Fauvism, Surrealism, Japanese Ukiyo-e, Art Nouveau, Cubism, and Suprematism. Explore the artistic influence of illustration stories and experience the color combinations and aesthetic tastes of art masters.

Until May 21, 2024

Look Art Museum, 6/F, Grandview Plaza, No.228 Tianhe Road, Tianhe

Nurtured By the Same Water


This exhibition brings together 137 exhibits from 18 cultural and historical institutions in Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and other provinces and cities. It systematically showcases the splendid civilization of the Bronze Age in the Yangtze River Basin.

Until June 2, 2024

Guangdong Museum, No.2 Zhujiang East Road, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe

The Silent Flying Tears


Kui Yuan Gallery is delighted to present the Silent Flying Tears, which concludes our sequential trilogy of exhibitions featuring the fabulous Du Qiurui. This exhibition, dedicated to exploring the theme of tears, succeeds our widely popular exhibitions, Pearl Dropping (2020), and if Tears Were in Colors (2022). We take this special opportunity to delve back into some observations by our curators and the writings of the artist himself, to provide our audience with a simple guide through the stylistic choices, thematic inspirations, and artistic critiques of Du Qiurui and his works.

May 12 - June 16, 2024

Kui Yuan Gallery, No.9 Xuguyuan Road, Yuexiu

Mighty Ancient Zhongshan State


Get ready to immerse yourself in the rich history of the mighty ancient Zhongshan State! Through 175 exquisite artifacts, the exhibition will unveil the captivating story of this prominent entity, often hailed as the "Eighth Power of the Warring States" in the annals of history.

Until June 16, 2024

Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King, No.867 Jiefang North Road, Yuexiu

La Beauté Sauvera le Monde


Join us on March 29 for the exhibition of artist Jean François Larrieu's solo show "La beauté sauvera le monde" at FanHouse in Guangzhou. Take this opportunity to revisit the interview with the artist conducted four years ago in Paris, gaining insight into his unique artistic vision.

Until June 30, 2024

*The venue does not open daily. Please contact them before visiting: +8620-8413 3063

Fan House, 2/F, East building, The Westin Pazhou, Area C, Canton Fair Complex, Haizhu

Low Desire Painting


Experience Huang Ge's latest works, transcending the virtual world to capture the essence of urban life. From airports to playgrounds, his art meticulously depicts everyday spaces with precision and restraint, akin to a computer program. Each element, whether a defined object or irregular shape, is rendered with meticulous detail, creating a world of order and clarity yet devoid of vitality. 

Until July 7, 2024

Shangrong Gallery, No.10 Datianjinan, West of Chengjie Village, Tianhe

Timeless Verses


The exhibition showcases the charm and brilliance of European art over two centuries. This exhibition will open the door to the art world for you, allowing you to witness the authentic works of art masters and experience their profound expressions of ancient art, nature, mythology, and beliefs.

Until September 7, 2024

Guangdong Museum of Art (Baietan), No.19-1 Bai'etan South Road, Liwan

Stride Toward the New Era: 

Opening Exhibitions of the New Guangdong Museum of Art


This series of exhibitions includes eight major projects, featuring over 900 works by more than 700 artists from domestic and overseas. The exhibitions are diverse in theme, rich in content, and grand in scale. Seven exhibitions are based on the collections of the Guangdong Museum of Art over the past thirty years, and loaned by the classic collections of institutions and art organizations such as the National Art Museum of China and the National Museum of China, showcasing the masterpieces of Chinese art, especially Guangdong art, from different historical periods.

Until October 31, 2024

Guangdong Museum of Art (Baietan), No.19-1 Bai'etan South Road, Liwan

Age of Awakening: 

The Development and Evolution of Chinese Art

In the First Half of the 20th Century


The exhibition presents important artists and their works from this period through three sections: the inheritance and improvement of traditional Chinese painting, the introduction and dissemination of Western painting, and the emergence of woodcuts and Guangdong prints. The inheritance and evolution of modern Chinese art are rooted in the rich and diverse soil of the national awakening period. The journey of Chinese art towards modernity carries the aspirations of salvation and rejuvenation, intertwined with the turbulent national destiny.

Until October 31, 2024

Guangdong Museum of Art (Baietan), No.19-1 Bai'etan South Road, Liwan

Days of Passion: 

The Establishment and Transformation of Art in New China


The exhibition selects four perspectives: traditional Chinese landscape, flower-and-bird painting, red-themed classic creations, the construction of New China, and portraits of New China figures. It presents the characteristics and achievements of art creation in this period through these perspectives, offering a nuanced portrayal of the era's artistic endeavors.

Until October 31, 2024

Guangdong Museum of Art (Baietan), No.19-1 Bai'etan South Road, Liwan

New Waves Arising from the Pearl River


With China's rapid economic development, vibrant cultural and artistic vitality, and continuously strengthened national cultural soft power, the reform and opening up policy has provided immense development space for Chinese art, leading Chinese art into a new period of development.

Until October 31, 2024

Guangdong Museum of Art (Baietan), No.19-1 Bai'etan South Road, Liwan

Ode to the New Era


The new era context has endowed artistic creation with new aesthetic requirements and subject choices, as well as imbued artistic images with a new historical depth and contemporary context. The exhibition brings together outstanding works from major historical theme art creation projects organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the China Artists Association in recent years, as well as excellent works from national thematic art creation projects and Guangdong's practice in reform and opening up.

Until October 31, 2024

Guangdong Museum of Art (Baietan), No.19-1 Bai'etan South Road, Liwan

Futuristic Touch: An Immersive Digital Art Exhibition


In the contemporary cultural context, "landscape" represents not only a unique aesthetic concept but also a "cosmic technique" for reintegrating a fragmented worldview. This series of works utilize contemporary visual and auditory media to interpret the experience of landscapes, revealing the myriad aspects and profound temporal consciousness of the landscape world.

Until October 31, 2024

Guangdong Museum of Art (Baietan), No.19-1 Bai'etan South Road, Liwan

A Constellation of Cities: 

Contemporary Art and Experiment in Southern China and Beyond


This exhibition seeks to incorporate core domestic urban clusters such as Beijing and Shanghai into a comparative framework, extending to Southeast Asia, Asia, and Western art fields with Eastern influences. Through mutual reflection, it aims to explore the diversity of Southern cultural and artistic networks and the contours of cross-border exchanges and connections.

Until October 31, 2024

Guangdong Museum of Art (Baietan), No.19-1 Bai'etan South Road, Liwan

Exhibition of Cultural Relics Donated by Ou Chu


The exhibition showcases nearly 200 pieces generously contributed by Ou Chu, featuring a rich and diverse array of artistic genres. Traditional scholar's items, such as brushes, ink, paper, and inkstones, exhibit exquisite craftsmanship and charm, providing a glimpse into the tastes and aesthetics of literati. Pottery, porcelain, bronze ritual vessels, and tomb art also offer a fascinating view of the flourishing craftsmanship and decorative arts.

Until December 31, 2024

Hall 13, 4/F, Guangzhou Museum of Art, No.198 Yiyuan Road, Haizhu

Exhibition of Cultural Relics Donated by Zhao Tailai


The exhibition showcases over 100 donated cultural artifacts, spanning across different cultures and categories. The exhibits are elegantly displayed, creating a space imbued with artistic ambiance. Among them are numerous fine works of calligraphy and painting by renowned artists, allowing visitors to intimately experience the diverse styles and charms of ink art. Additionally, several ancient and captivating Tibetan "Thangka" paintings make a special appearance, showcasing intricate beauty and representing precious treasures of Chinese ethnic painting art. Moreover, exquisite craftsmanship from France, the UK, Germany, Japan, and other countries offers a glimpse into various cultural customs and traditions worldwide.

Until December 31, 2024

Hall 14, 4/F, Guangzhou Museum of Art, No.198 Yiyuan Road, Haizhu

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