20 Amazing Art Shows This February in Guangzhou

By That's Guangzhou, February 5, 2024

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Walking On AirWalking On Air


The large-scale event themed "Walking On Air: Art in Motion" conveys the brand philosophy of "harmony in work and life" through expressions in art, charity, and a human-centric community. This initiative aims to layer commercial spaces with additional functionality and meaning.

Until February 24, 2024

Lumina Guangzhou, 11 Qiaoguang West Road, Yuexiu

Hello Illustration


This exhibition mainly features over 100 selected works from the final shortlist of the Second National Illustration Support Program committee, which underwent multiple rounds of professional judging. The showcased pieces include gold, silver, and bronze award winners, as well as prizes from the "Understanding Guangzhou" competition and special awards from the committee.

Until February 25, 2024

Guangzhou Library, No.4 Zhujiang Dong Road, Tianhe

Explore and Practice

Nanyue King Mausoleum 40th Anniversary Exhibition


Embark on a journey through time at the special exhibition commemorating the 40th anniversary of the discovery of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King. In celebration of Guangzhou Archaeology's 70th year and this significant archaeological milestone, the exhibition unfolds the four-decade story since the discovery, exploring various themes from multiple perspectives. Join us for a two-month exploration of the rich history and cultural significance encapsulated in the Nanyue King Mausoleum.

Until February 25, 2024

Nanyue King Museum, No. 867 Jiefang North Road, Yuexiu

Lover in the World


This exhibition is the first to focus on the Chinese literary classic "The Romance of the Western Chamber." Leveraging the collection of this museum and bringing together 320 exquisite cultural relics from 13 cultural and museum institutions nationwide, it provides a multidimensional and all-encompassing presentation of the deep cultural connotations and noble spiritual pursuits of "The Romance of the Western Chamber." The exhibition delves into the profound influence of "The Romance of the Western Chamber" on material, spiritual, and cross-cultural exchanges, aiming to "bring to life the words written in ancient books" and thus achieve the creative transformation and innovative development of outstanding Chinese traditional culture.

Until February 25, 2024

Guangdong Museum, No.2 Zhujiang Dong Road, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe

Renewal: Luo Yiping Ink Painting Exhibition


The theme of this exhibition, "Renewal," returning to the origin, explores the concept of "one" as the primal form from which all things in the universe originate. The tangible "one" emerges and evolves from the abstract "origin," cyclically giving rise to the myriad manifestations of existence. Through the theme of "Renewal," artists express the infinite temporal and spatial connotations of their paintings.

Until February 26, 2024

Terminal 2 Art Gallery, Baiyun International Airport Terminal 2, Baiyun

In Praise of Love


Tribute to the Master - more than 20 authentic artworks - Exhibition of Pablo Picasso. Commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Pablo Picasso

Until February 26, 2024

Look Art Museum, 6/F Grandview Mall, Tianhe

Awaiting the Blossom


The exhibition is divided into three themes across different galleries: "Dreamscape" for oil paintings, "Illusion" for traditional Chinese paintings, and "Blessing" for a charity project, each conveying profound implications about aesthetics, life, emotions, and thoughts through diverse expressions. Each artwork is like a budding flower, exuding captivating artistic fragrance, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in its beauty.

Until February 28, 2024

Parallel & BZ Hall International Culture & Art, No.607 Xinjiao East Road, Haizhu

Lucky! Lucky!


Explore the world of emerging artists from the Greater Bay Area and Taiwan in the captivating exhibition, "Lucky! Lucky!" These artists, driven by a pursuit of completeness in their works, emphasize the craft of painting and prefer personalized approaches to explore artistic language. Their creations not only showcase strong visual aesthetics but also demonstrate meticulous attention to detail, making this exhibition a visual feast.

Until February 29, 2024

Guangdong San Ta Museum of Art, Building 87, Zone A, Zinitang Cultural and Creative Park, No.7 Xi’an Road, Zini Village, Shawan Street, Panyu

Breeze From The South


This exhibition traces the trajectory of modern Guangdong art over 150 years, showcasing the diverse social landscapes of China from the late Qing Dynasty to the late 20th century. Explore the inheritance and innovation of traditional painting, as well as the study and promotion of new genres by famous artists in the Lingnan region. 

Until February 29, 2024

Guangzhou Museum of Art, No.198 Yizhou Road, Haizhu

Majestic Baota Mountain and Yanhe River


Over 100 carefully selected artworks from the China National Art Museum, spanning Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, and sculpture, are heading southward. The exhibition focuses on the spirit of the Long March and the Yan'an spirit, providing a close encounter with the resilience and warmth of the Chinese people in the 20th century. Revisit the stirring years of the spark that ignited a prairie fire.

Until February 29, 2024

Guangzhou Museum of Art, No.198 Yizhou Road, Haizhu

New Chapter of the Era


This exhibition showcases the exploration and practice of contemporary Guangdong art. Witness the convergence and collision of renowned and emerging Guangdong artists, featuring newly donated works from established artists and contemporary pieces from young talents. The exhibition focuses on the elegance of personalities, the charm of Lingnan, and the landscapes of the new Guangdong, presenting a vivid portrayal of the contemporary artistic scene in Lingnan.

Until February 29, 2024

Guangzhou Museum of Art, No.198 Yizhou Road, Haizhu

Road of Fusion


Precious original works by Lin Fengmian, collected by the China Art Palace (Shanghai Museum of Art) and the Shanghai Chinese Painting Institute, will be showcased in Guangdong. This exhibition also brings together masterpieces from renowned artists such as Liu Haisu, Wu Guanzhong, and Wu Zuoren—a rare opportunity to witness the fusion of Eastern and Western art in the exploration of "two generations" of artists since the early 20th century.

Until February 29, 2024

Guangzhou Museum of Art, No.198 Yizhou Road, Haizhu

The Gifts of the Goas


Embark on a cultural journey to the sun-kissed region of Apulia Felix, located at the southeastern tip of the Italian Apennine Peninsula. The exhibition delves into the historical ties between Apulia and the Greeks, indigenous communities, and Romans. With its extensive coastline, picturesque harbors, and fertile land, Apulia shares maritime cultural traits with Guangzhou. Since 1986, Guangzhou has fostered an international friendship with the capital of Apulia, Bari. In 2011, Guangdong Province and Apulia became sister provinces, strengthening the cultural bonds between the regions.

Until March 24, 2024

Guangzhou Maritime Museum, No.22 Xuri Street, Miaotou, Huangpu

Bonfire at Meishan


The exhibition explores the creative endeavors of various artists whose studios are located in Meishan, a suburb of Panyu Nancun Town. Initially discovered by Zheng Wei, Meishan became a hub for artistic expression, with each artist renting a workshop to engage in their creative pursuits.

Until March 27, 2024

Harmony & Beauty Arts Centre, The Flower Pavilion of Yuexiu Park, Yuexiu

Innumerable Ravines Contesting with Each Other


The exhibition features twelve mainstream schools of ancient Chinese painting, showcasing 455 items (actual artifacts) from 166 painters. Over 30% of the displayed works are making their debut, and more than 70% are precious cultural relics. 

Until March 31, 2024

Guangzhou Museum of Art, No.198 Yizhou Road, Haizhu

Lingnan Traditional Chinese Medicine Intangible Cultural Heritage


Delve into the profound world of Lingnan Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a cultural heritage that follows the philosophy of adapting to the seasons, locations, and individuals. Shaped by the unique geographical and climatic conditions of Lingnan, it has developed distinctive techniques and schools. If you're curious to unravel the secrets of Lingnan TCM, join us in this enlightening exploration of the regional characteristics and profound wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine in Lingnan!

Until March 31, 2024

Guangzhou Cultural & Arts Centre, No. 288, Xinjiao Middle Road, Haizhu

Daniel Arsham x Pokémon


Experience the first-ever collaborative art project between Pokémon and Daniel Arsham in the southern region of China. The exhibition, held at K11 in Guangzhou, showcases over 50 works, including animations, paintings, sculptures, and installations. Drawing inspiration from Arsham's signature crystallized caves, the artworks create a captivating dialogue that transcends time and space.

Price: RMB100/person, RMB168/Couple

Until May 20, 2024

chi K11, L4/L3 K11, No.6 Zhujiang East Road, Tianhe

Guangzhou Design Triennial 2024


Guangzhou Design Triennial 2024 will open to the public in January 2024! The Triennial has gained wide attention from the academic community since its preparation. Guangdong Museum of Art is honored to invite 18 scholars, who have long been deeply engaged in art theory research and have a high degree of concern, sensitivity and observation in Chinese contemporary art, art design and other fields, to participate in the Academic Committee of the Guangzhou Design Triennial. 

Until May 12, 2024

Guangdong Museum of Art, No.38 Yanyu Lu, Ersha Island, Yuexiu

Nurtured By the Same Water


This exhibition brings together 137 exhibits from 18 cultural and historical institutions in Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and other provinces and cities. It systematically showcases the splendid civilization of the Bronze Age in the Yangtze River Basin.

Until June 2, 2024

Guangdong Museum, No.2 Zhujiang Dong Road, Tianhe

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