53 Awesome Things To Do This Holiday Week!

By That's Guangzhou, September 8, 2022

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Jun 18-Sep 20: Unadual Treated Exhibition


The exhibition contains glass art creations by Mr. Wang Chaohong, research and extension of ancient Chinese glass production technology in cooperation with Guangzhou Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology and student work.

See a listing for Yuexiu Park

Jul 26-Oct 27: Guangzhou 1985 in a Dutchman’s Lens


The "Guangzhou City Memory 1985" photography exhibition is not divided into chapters. All the photos are connected in a linear display, surrounding all exhibition areas, achieving a continuous time axis, just like a documentary unfolding. 

See a listing for Art23 Contemporary Art Gallery

Aug 1-Oct 1: WHYIN House: Housing & Furniture Exhibition


Taking Heidegger's "Building Thinking Home" as the inspiration source of this theme, injecting into the century-old building of Yongqingfang, starting from seven mood scenarios, weaving an eternal place of habitation, returning to the soul among the bustling traffic and traffic poetic state.

See a listing for Yongqing Square

Aug 11-Sep 15: Miffy and Friends Tour in GBA

The world's first Miffy-themed interactive exhibition.

Under the 6-meter-high giant Miffy revolving lantern, enjoy the moonlight and travel around the Greater Bay Area.

See a listing for IGC Mall

Aug 12-Sep 18: Polyphonic Writing Exhibition


Polyphonic Writing: The Group Exhibition of Yang Shu, Qi Lan, Tu Hongtao and Li Qing.

In the form of scattered dialogues of "polyphonic writing," this exhibition presents four artists' paintings and writings that are independent and full of dialogue between self and others in the exploration of contemporary painting language.

See a listing for Guangdong Museum of Art

Aug 12-Oct 30: Metaverse Art Show


A metaverse art show!

See a lsting for Guangzhou Louvre Art Center

Aug 19-Nov 27: Exhibition of Paintings and Calligraphy From the Song and Yuan Dynasties


This is the first special exhibition held by Guangdong cultural institutions focusing on paintings and calligraphy in the Song and Yuan dynasties, with Guangdong Museum's collection Cloud Dragon as the highlight.

See a listing for Guangdong Museum

Aug 20-Sep 11: Porcelain Exhibition: Qingzhou Chongshan

Porcelain Exhibition: Qingzhou Chongshan

See a listing for MUMO

Aug 20-Sep 20: IMAI Michi: The Crystal

Tiger On The Tree  invites IMAI Michi, a Japanese glass artist, to open the The Crystal exhibition on August 20, presenting more than 100 pieces of her handmade utensils in a simple and elegant white space.

See a listing for Tiger on the Tree

Aug 20-Sep 20: The Metamorphoses of Nature

In the structure of the exhibition, the axes of time and material media will be abstracted to form a space-time dynamic line. The exhibition will present the rich texture of contemporary art through five groups of artists using different media.

See a listing for Yuheng Museum

Aug 20-Sep 20: Daydream Theater

In this exhibition, The Color Monster and Lady Daydream keep each other company and meet to find places suitable for people's spiritual rest.

See a listing for Chaoli Art Gallery

Aug 20-Sep 20: Independence, Wild And Freedom

Centering on the core theme of "independence, wild and freedom", with three cups and a record player as the carrier, a field about the spiritual soil of Jingdezhen is presented through three major sections -- group images of artists, interactive discussion area and exhibition area of works.

See a listing for Lighthouse

Sep 1-15: Gives Art Exhibition & Auction


Ms. Piazza Tang is a graduate from the New York Fashion Institute of Technology, specializing in textile and surface design. She currently paints with oil, acrylic, gouache, and watercolor. Her painting style is best described as East meets West, a combination of realism, expressionism and freestyle.

See a listing for Guangzhou Oriental Museum

Sep 1-21: Bags: Inside Out

More than 240 handbag exhibits, from the sixteenth century to the present, spanning different regional cultures of the world, exploring the iconic fashion accessory of handbags from an unprecedented comprehensive perspective, and experiencing a unique opportunity to experience international museum exhibitions up close.

See a listing for Taikoo Hui

Sep 3-24: Vinyl Fantasy

Aiming to "break the routine of traditional department stores and bring continuous surprises to customers, from products to services to life style guidance", HI Department Store opened its first store in Guangzhou in October 2012. An unprecedented mix-and-match form, HI BOOKS, HI CAFE, HI TOUCH, HI STAGE, HI CLASS.

See a listing for Hi General Merchandise

Sep 4-Oct 30: Long Spines-Ding Yong Solo Exhibition

Long Spines, based on Ding Yong's experience in many expeditions around the tropics before the epidemic, as well as new works created in the past two years.

See a listing for Justar Spac

Sep 2-11: Stay Positive

The exhibition features a series of paintings by Russian artist Di Reber, who hides behind bright colors and bold lines his discussion of mental health, moral character and human emotions.

See a listing for De iis:land (Dongshankou)

Sep 2-12: The Plan Of Capture The Supermoon

Beginning on September 2, a giant moon display will launch on the outdoor garden platform on the 4th floor of OneLink Walk. In addition to the photo area, there is also a DIY area for lanterns and an open-air cinema will also pop-up on September 11 and 12.

See a listing for One Link Walk

Sep 3-Oct 9: The Microcosmic External


D-Lab Contemporary 2022 : Sun Jiaxing's solo Exhibition 

See a listing for D Lab Culture

Sep 8: Amber Education x Oxbridge Futuers

14:00-14:30  Part 1  Guest Check-in

14:30-15:15  Part 2  Sharing Advantages of Studying Abroad at Younger Age in Britain

15:15-16:00  Part 3  Undergraduate Study in Britain and Australia

See a listing for HSBC Bank (China) Limited (Teemall Branch)

Sep 8: Sound Between

Sound Between, 8pm till late.

RMB80 early bird, RMB100 on the door. 

See a listing for Club Between

Sep 9: BSG Group: 9 Anniversary Concert

BSG Group: 9 Anniversary Concert

10.30pm till late.

See a listing for JZ Club

Sep 9: KAWA: Moonlight Ball Live Show

With a international perspective, KAWA brings Yunnan reggae music to you this Mid-Autumn Festival.

The Kawa band, which is composed of powerful musicians, have won unanimous praise in the industry in a short time. They were established in 2015 and have been at the hall level since their establishment two years ago. 

8.30pm till late.

See a listing for SYGH Livehouse

Sep 9: Reggae

Saturn special live reggae performance.

9.30pm till late. 

See a listing for Saturn

Sep 9-12: Cheers! Autumn Coffee Festival

Cheers! Autumn Coffee Festival


See a listing for Parc Central

Sep 10: Ma Haiping Road Show

Prismatic Force Live

Purple Key

Reedle S&M Senonix


See a listing for The Window

Sep 10: Les Marées

Les Marées (tides):a natural landscape caused by the moon.

"The rise of the tide also us to follow the rise and fall of the moon," which is scientifically explained by the periodic tides that occur at sea level whenever there is a cloudy or sunny day, due to the gravitational force between celestial bodies. It occurs as the moon pulls on the earth once and for all.

See a listing for Saturndays

Sep 10: Patch in Market

This Mid-Autumn Festival, we invite you to join the second year Patch in Market. With a rooftop sunset cinema, more traditional Mid-Autumn Festival activities are waiting for you.

See a listing for Weilaishe

Sep 10: Moonsoul

Saturn Special Performance.

9.30pm till late.

See a listing for Saturndays

Sep 10-12: Lingnan Style Tour

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the water, fish lantern dances will be staged on the Yongqingfang Riverside and in the block.

See a listing for Yongqing Square

Sep 11: Maple Jazz Band Live Show

MAPLE JAZZ BAND was established in Xinghai Conservatory of Music in 2007, with traditional jazz as the core, dedicated to the exploration and research of authentic jazz, and constantly integrates a variety of modern jazz styles such as: Modern, Fusion, Funk, Soul, Latin, etc. for cross-border and fusion.


See a listing for JZ Club

Sep 11: Titanic-Hollywood Romantic Movies Theme Concert

On September 11 the New Age Chamber Orchestra will present the concert at the Chamber Hall of Xinghai Concert Hall, the best love songs from Hollywood movies.


See a listing for Xinghai Concert Hall

Every Mon: Morgan's Pizza and Pasta Night

50% off all pizzas and pastas!

Every Monday from 5pm to 10pm.

*Need to order at least one thing full price to enjoy this offer. Offer doesn't apply to build your own pizza.

See a listing for Morgan's

Every Mon: RMB68 Burger & Beer


All day Monday.

All burgers are 100% USA rib-eye beef with secret sauce and homemade brioche buns (includes fries, tiger beer or a soft drink)

*This special is for dine-in only.

*Special offer not vaild during trade fair and holidays.

See a listing for Mellow Pub

Every Mon: Wing Night


Wing night (regular and boneless) 50% off with purchase of a drink.

Specials for dine-in only.

See a listing for Hooley's

Every Mon and Tues: Paulaner Happy Hour Buy One Get One Free


Enjoy buy one get one free at Paulaner on Monday and Tuesday during happy hour!

See a listing for Paulaner

Every Tues: EXIT 出口

Chinese media and art exhibition. 

See a listing for K11 Art Mall

Every Thurs: Hooley's Pasta Night

Free glass of house wine at Hooley's!


See a listing for Hooley's

Every Thurs: Wine Thursday

RMB188 for selected wines. Every Thursday at 4pm

See a listing for Ganèa Kitchen Fairy Tales

Every Fri: Fish and Chips at Hooley's


25% off fish chips every Friday with purchase of a drink

Specials for dine-in only.

See a listing for Hooley's

Every Sat: Pie and Pint


Pie and a pint for RMB88 every saturday.

Substitute a pint for a glass of house wine of soft drink.

See a listing for Hooley's

Every Sat and Sun: Charlie's Seasonal Brunch


Charlie's Seasonal Brunch: Free flow for two hours on aperol spritz and prosecco 

RMB288 per person, including one brunch dish (not including fish and meat)

Saturday and Sunday: 12-4pm

Every Sun: RMB35 Aperol Spritz


RMB35 Aperol Spritz


Every Sunday. 

See a listing for Social&Co

Every Sun: Share Sunday


20% of all share platters every Sunday with purchase of a drink.

Specials for dine-in only.

See a listing for Hooley's

Every Sun: TR3 Sunday Chill

Every Sunday different DJ's show their skills. Disco, Funk, HipHop, Reggae, Dub or Techno

Your hangover will vanish with their Bloody Mary deal, a refreshing Hugo Spritz or just that sweet orangy regular Spritz!

Try a big breakfast for all day brunch or Share some of our platters with your friends.

Chill in the green front yard, outdoor patio or in the lounge... There is a place for everybody in TR!

See a listing for Triple Rooster

Mon-Fri: Bandidos Happy HourWechatIMG10b2b9290f0da8ea73f5ba47d05d303f.jpg

Bandidos Mexican Cantina happy hour from Monday to Friday, 4-8pm!

RMB25 drinks: Corona, Margaritas, Asahi Dry, House Wine

RMB45 drinks: Double, Margaritas, Skinny, On the Rocks, Frozen

See a listing for Bandidos

Mon-Fri: Social & Co Happy HourWechatIMG41d90e26135ba7f21c7e152df07fca47.jpeg

Enjoy happy hour at Social & Co from Monday to Friday, 4-7pm!

RMB22: Asahi

RMB35: Elderflower Cider, Mars Field Trip IPA, Aperol Spritiz, Ned Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir

See a listing for Social & Co

Everyday: GOAT Happy Hour


Enjoy GOAT's daily happy hour, from 4-8pm

RMB25 drinks: Tiger Beer, House Mixers, House Wines

RMB35 drinks: Heineken, ET Brewery British Ale, Elderflower Cider

See a listing for GOAT

Everyday: Hooley's Happy Hour


Hooley's happy hour is from 4-8pm everyday!

Feel free to drink beers, house white wine, house red wine, sparkling wine and mixed drinks.

Free snacks are provided!

See a listing for Hooley's

Everyday: Mellow Pub Happy Hour

Buy one get one at Mellow Pub Happy Hour!


See a listing for Mellow Pub

Everyday: Morgan's Happy Hour


Happy hour at Morgan's is from 4-7.30pm, seven days a week!

Entertain yourselves with beers, wines, cocktails and spirits!

See a listing for Morgan's

Everyday: Happy Hour at Triple Rooster


With a selection of over 90 different gins, TR3 is a perfect moment to try out a special gin from around the world.

Buy one get one free!

See a listing for Triple Rooster

Everyday: Happy Hour at 13 Factories

Buy one get one free at 13 Factories!


See a listing for 13Factories

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