The Chinese subtitles for 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' are hilariously bad

By Ryan Kilpatrick, May 14, 2015

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As Avengers: Age of Ultron, the latest in the hugely popular Marvel super hero franchise, continues to take the world by storm, viewers in China couldn't help but notice that the subtitles in mainland cinemas are, to put it delicately, super bad. 

Here are six prime examples of the awful translations that netizens have been sharing:

1. Captain America, as the Avengers face down an army of robot drones: "Even if you get killed, walk it off." 

Correct translation: 即使你想放棄,也要咬緊牙關堅持下去。

Subtitles: 如果有人要殺你,趕緊逃。(If someone tries to kill you, run away quickly.)

2. Captain American, as he returns to Avengers HQ:  "I'm home." 

Correct translation: 感覺像回到家一樣。

Subtitles: 我很好。(I'm very good.)

3. Captain America, as Nick Fury saves the day with S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier: "You son of a bitch." 

Correct translation: 你個狗娘養的。

Subtitles: 你個老夥計。(Hey, partner.)

4.  Black Widow, after her vision care of Scarlet Witch: "I had a dream."

Correct translation: 我做了一個夢。

Subtitles: 我有一個夢想。(I have a dream.)

5. Black Widow to the Hulk: "Go be a hero."

Correct translation: 去做一個英雄 /去逞英雄吧!

Subtitles: 你真是我的英雄。(You are truly my hero.)

6. Ultron, as he first gains consciousness: "There are no strings on me."

Correct translation: 我已經掙脫束縛,自由了。

Subtitles: 我身上沒有電線了!(There are no electric wires on my body!)

Marvel, if you're out there, you really need to look into hiring a new translator for the next installment.

PS We offer competitive rates. Call me!

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