235 New Cases, More Cities Scrap COVID Test Requirements

By Ned Kelly, December 2, 2022

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Shanghai Health Commission reported a total of 26 locally transmitted COVID-19 cases and 209 local asymptomatic cases this morning, Friday, December 2.

Of the 235 new cases reported, 227 tested positive in central quarantine, while 12 tested positive during regular screening.

That is 38 more cases than yesterday's 197 – an increase of 19%.

And, of course, another 12 community cases.

(Spoiler alert: nine more will be reported tomorrow)

New Shanghai cases by district...

The 8 local cases that tested positive outside central quarantine were in the following areas:

  • 2 in Songjiang

  • 1 in Changning

  • 1 in Jiading

  • 1 in Jing'an

  • 1 in Minhang

  • 1 in Pudong

  • 1 in Yangpu

The 18 local cases that tested positive in central quarantine were in the following areas:

  • 9 in Pudong

  • 2 in Jiading

  • 2 in Songjiang

  • 2 in Xuhui

  • 1 in Baoshan

  • 1 in Jing'an

  • 1 in Minhang

The 4 local asymptomatic cases that tested positive outside central quarantine were in the following areas:

  • 1 in Huangpu

  • 1 in Jiading

  • 1 in Minhang

  • 1 in Xuhui

The 205 local asymptomatic cases that tested positive in central quarantine were in the following areas:

  • 60 in Pudong

  • 30 in Minhang

  • 18 in Changning

  • 14 in Xuhui

  • 14 in Yangpu

  • 13 in Putuo

  • 12 in Baoshan

  • 9 in Jiading

  • 9 in Jinshan

  • 7 in Jing'an

  • 6 in Songjiang

  • 4 in Hongkou

  • 4 in Qingpu

  • 3 in Huangpu

  • 1 in Chongming

  • 1 in Fengxian

12 new community cases...

There were a dozen of them.

They had been to many places.

Lots of people are (still) getting locked down or carted off.

Welcome to the festive season in Shanghai.

The latest from Guangzhou...

Guangzhou reported 5,839 new cases this morning, a decrease of 473  from yesterday’s 6,312.

(Funny how cases fall by nearly 500 when you stop testing people!)

Home Isolation for Close Contacts?

Authorities in Guangzhou and Shenzhen have announced that most close contacts will still have to isolate in designated facilities.

However, the following people can isolate at home:

  • People with serious underlying health conditions

  • Elderly people

  • Pregnant women or women who are still breastfeeding

Home isolation will also be considered if a person lives alone or they can separate themselves from other people in their home (separate kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, etc.).

Switch to Rapid Antigen Tests...

Interestingly, at Guangzhou’s daily COVID-19 press conference, the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission encouraged households to prepare Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) as a way of self-testing. 

The move came after public concern that some places (hospitals, train stations, airports, etc.) still require a negative nucleic acid test, despite the city having closed almost all testing sites.

READ MORE: Guangzhou Halts COVID Testing

We say interestingly, as we're all looking at Guangzhou and wondering / speculating / wildly guessing that their new model (read all about it in that link above) might soon be rolled out nationwide.

DISCLAIMER: We said wondering / speculating / wildly guessing.

Tianjin Metro scraps COVID test requirements...

Tianjin has also just made getting around the city that little bit easier. 

As of today, Friday, December 2, passengers are no longer required to show proof of a negative nucleic acid test issued within 72 hours.

However, they do still need to scan the Tianjin health code and undergo a temperature check when entering a metro station, reports Tianjin People’s Broadcasting Station. 

Chengdu Metro ALSO scraps COVID test requirements...

It seems Tianjin is not alone. Passengers riding the metro in Chengdu also no longer have to show proof of a negative nucleic acid test, reports The Paper.

However, they also still have to abide by the aforementioned rules. 

Still, it would appear something is afoot...

China COVID hot spots...

Below is a list of places that reported 1,000 or more COVID-19 cases yesterday – locally transmitted and asymptomatic combined – that you would be best advised to avoid like the... like the pathogenicity decreased Omicron strain:

  • 7,792 Guangdong

  • 6,536 Chongqing

  • 3,968 Beijing

  • 2,513 Shanxi

  • 1,216 Sichuan

  • 1,205 Yunnan

Total China cases fall 2.9%...

The total cases recorded in China yesterday was 34,772, down 1,028 from the previous day's 35,800.

That's a decrease of 2.9%, and the fourth day in a row the numbers have fallen.

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[Cover image via NIAID-RML]

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