Chinese Urban Dictionary: Laosiji

By Mia Li, August 16, 2017

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Laosiji / lǎosījī / 老司机 n. "an old driver", someone with a lot of experience, especially when it comes to dating; someone who's been doing something for a very long time, knows everything there is to know about it and is willing to teach newcomers.

A. I have been struggling with this PowerPoint presentation for weeks, and Lao Wang did it for me in minutes!

B. Wow Lao Wang is a Laosiji. It's so nice of him to teach you.

A. I know. I will be able to do it myself next time.

B. Thank god for Laosiji.

We often say that a relationship is like a ride – two people set off on a journey, discovering themselves and each other along the way. It’s not about the destination, and it always has ups and downs. They may fight and go their separate ways, or make up and travel to faraway places.

Laosiji is built on that metaphor. Literally meaning “an old driver,” a Laosiji is the one who has been dating for a very, very long time. He knows all the ups and downs, every pitfall and rocky patch along the ride, because he has been down this road countless times. When he takes you for a ride, he can show you the best scenery and how to deal with situations when they arise. When you are young, an experienced lover may be a shortcut to the best things a relationship can offer.

The term originated from a raunchy music video of a Yunnan folk song titled “Laosiji, take me with you,” where young girls trade their company for a ride into town (mad respect to Yunnan for setting the trend). Laosiji came to mean experienced men who can show young girls a good time. Later it came to mean those who are experienced in finding pirated content online (the No. 1 thing that the Internet is built for) and are willing to share such resources. Such Laosiji are treated with the utmost respect for their skills and generosity.

Today, Laosiji can be anyone who is knowledgeable about any subject and willing to share the knowledge. For the younger generation who lack experience and don't know how to get to their destination, Laosiji will get you there by giving you a ride.

Love, life or even the Internet can sometimes seem like a jungle without a trail. And we all need a Laosiji to show us the way. Next time you see one, jump onboard and enjoy the trip. Also don't forget to pay it back when you become a Laosiji one day.


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